Overview for GCSE (Year 9, 10 and 11)

GCSE Dance offers a comprehensive study of Dance in its physical, aesthetic and cultural context. Pupils are given the opportunity to select this as a route way in Year 9 to broaden their experiences in these avenues. In addition to extending their subject knowledge, GCSE Dance promotes healthy and active lifestyles, team work and creativity, not too dissimilar to aspects of their Physical Education lessons.

Course Outline

Students have 4 x 1 hour lessons per fortnight – in the first year of the course students are exposed to a range of different dance styles including Ballet, Street and Physical Theatre to develop wider knowledge. A contemporary dance focus runs throughout however, with students developing their own dance technique in practical conditioning sessions and through studying professional contemporary works and their choreographers.

This preparation leads them into the next two years where they will begin to put this extended knowledge into the three areas of assessment. Practically, the pupils will be expected to demonstrate their abilities in Performance: demonstrating sound expressive and technical skills through a ‘set phrase’ solo and through a duet or trio and demonstrate their competence in Choreography: creating either a solo or group piece themselves. All of the marks for these tasks complete the 60% practical mark for the overall GCSE.

The course concludes with a written examination paper (40%) where students will demonstrate their knowledge of choreographic processes, their own choreographic techniques and the two professional works they have studied.

The dance community is ever growing; with job avenues ranging from professional dancers, choreographers and teachers to community dance practitioners, physiotherapists, writers, producers and publicists. The GCSE Dance course is a great head start to any of these roles and will adequately prepare any student who wishes to pursue Dance and its many avenues to further education, higher education and beyond.



Department Staff

Miss R Arnold (Teacher of PE and Dance)


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GCSE Dance At A Glance

Solo-Set phrases
Duet/trio performance
30% of GCSE

Solo or group choreography
30% of GCSE

Dance Appreciation
Written paper
40% of GCSE


Students will be given the opportunity to attend live dance performances in the local and wider community to also broaden their experiences of contemporary dance. They will also be given the chance to take part in practical workshops run by specialists to gain experience of the professional dancing world.


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