EHC Plan

EHC Plan will replace the Statement of Educational Needs.  It will include in one document:

Special education provision, health provision and social care provision.

Hampshire SEN department will be responsible for the EHC Plan and reviews will be held at least once a year.

Students who currently have a Statement of Educational Needs will continue to be provided with support to meet the objectives in part B.

Provision for students with disabilities and additional educational needs


At Applemore College we look at the needs of a student with special educational needs and, in liaison with all other professionals involved with the student, plan a comprehensive learning package, which will allow for measurable learning opportunities to be put in place. This means that the student and all adults involved in supporting that student will meet to plan the educational provision best suited to the needs of the individual student. At all times we will work closely with parents to ensure that their child receives the very best educational experience that Applemore College can offer.


At Applemore College we have a Special Educational Needs Policy and a Combined Equality Scheme, therefore every Applemore College student is provided with equal opportunity to access all aspects of our curriculum. Applemore College welcomes any suggestions as to how we can further improve this facility.

How accessible is the school?

At Applemore College our premises include a 3 storey building with Science Laboratories on the 3rd floor, as a result of this, we are unfortunately not accessible to wheelchair users in most areas. 

Additional educational needs
The Governing body is confident that every student with additional educational needs who is currently on roll at Applemore College will be provided with an educational support package designed to cater for their individual educational requirements. The Governing body are informed of any changes of policy which may affect the education of students with additional educational needs, and in what way the school will respond to those changes. If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact us.

For information on other aspects of our Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) offer, click here.

Policies relating to SEND

A range of policies underpin our SEND offer; in particular, these are our

Admissions Policy

Anti-bullying Policy

Attendance Policy

Behaviour Management Policy

Drugs Policy

Health and Safety Policy

Child protection Policy

Special Educational Needs Policy

To view any of these, please go to our Policies section.

Links with outside organisations

Applemore College works in a collaborative partnership with many different agencies. This means that a supportive plan can be developed to meet your child’s needs both in and out of school.

We hold regular meetings to monitor the plan and make changes, when necessary, to the plan. We call these meetings Team Around the Child (TAC) because that is what they are – a meeting where you and your child consult with the team members to implement the plan developed to support your child.

Listed below are some of the outside agencies with whom we work collaboratively:

Hampshire Special Educational Needs Team

Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS)

Visual Impairment Service

Hearing Impairment Service

Educational Psychologists (EPs)

Communication and Language Service