Applemore College Music Department facilities comprise of:

  • One main teaching classroom with 16 Apple Mac computers with musical keyboards, running Logic Pro X and Sibelius software.
  • Four practice rooms.
  • Digital mixing desk.
  • A variety of instruments available for students to use: acoustic and electric guitars, a range of percussion instruments including 2 drum kits and samba drums, pianos and ukuleles.

KS3 Summary (Year 7 and 8)

All students receive two 1hr lessons over a 2-week timetable. Schemes of work are most commonly completed over one half term (average 6 weeks).  

Topics include:

Year 7 – Musical dimensions / Musical structure
              Melody and harmony / Ensemble vocal
             Cartoon music

Year 8 -  Hooks and riffs / Variation and re-mix
              Rock n' roll / Music for film /Create a song

KS4 Summary (Year 9, 10 and 11)

Students in Year 9 receive five lessons over the two week timetable. The schemes of work are designed to prepare them for the skills that are needed at GCSE level.

Topics include:

- Reggae / Compose a song and create a style

- Solo and ensemble performing for your instrument or voice /    
  Summer term musical choice

GCSE Music

Years 10 and 11 will follow the AQA Music GCSE specification which can be found at

What we do in Music GCSE:

  • Students research and learn about a number of musical styles including Popular Music, Traditional Music and the Western Classical Tradition. This is done through the study of a number of set musical works.
  • Students study and improve on their chosen instrument or voice in order to be able to complete solo and ensemble recordings.
  • Composition is a key part of Music GCSE and students compose two different pieces in any style of their choice and for any instrument or using the computer software.

All GCSE music students receive four 1hr lessons over a 2-week timetable.


  • KS3 –  Students will need to complete one task over each half-term project. This will take the form of producing a presentation with research.
  • KS4 –  This will be on-going. There will always be a performance or composition that needs to be worked on or recorded. There will also be a number of short revision or listening exercises that are related to the work done in class.

Instrumental and Vocal Teaching

In addition to our full-time music teacher, instrumental and vocal lessons are provided by Hampshire Music Service visiting peripatetic teachers, and the cost of these lessons to students is subsidised by Applemore College. These lessons include:

  • Singing    Piano        Violin    Cello                           
  • Flute        Clarinet      Oboe    Bassoon
  • Ukulele    Drum-Kit    Guitar – electric and acoustic         
  • Trumpet   Trombone   Euphonium    Tuba

Lessons take place in 20 minute slots during the school day and are rotated so that students do not miss the same lesson each week.

Anyone interested in learning to play an instrument or having singing lessons can collect information and an application form from the Music Department or Reception.

Arrangements for hiring instruments for individual lessons can be made through Hampshire Music Service.


Extra Curricular Activities

Open to all year groups

Choir              Orchestra              Keyboard Club              Guitar Club

GSCE Catch Up        Musical production        Voice in a million voices

Performance Summer Term 2016:

  • ‘We Will Rock You’ – 11th, 12th and 13th July 2016. Tickets £2 and £4 from Finance Office.

Department Staff

Mr T Willis (Head of Creative and Performing Arts and Teacher of Music)



Trip to a London musical 

'Voice in a Million' at Wembley Arena

Carols in local care homes

Christmas concerts

Musical production

Summer concert

Useful Links

BBC Bitesize

Career Links

  • Performer
  • Teacher
  • Education
  • Composer for film and television
  • Advertising and computer games
  • Music therapy
  • Music administration and management