KS3 Summary (Year 7 and 8)

Topics Covered

At key stage 3 students have the opportunity to develop their knowledge of mixed media. Students are also introduced to different art movements and learn how to adopt the styles of other artists. In year 7, students are introduced to observational drawing. We look at a variety of materials and learn how to use different techniques. Students also have the opportunity to visit Marwell Zoological Park to look at different animals and study the different textures. In year 8 students develop their observational skills further by looking at self-portraits and making their own picture frames to display their portrait in. Students also have the opportunity to work collobratively with others to research artists and make 2d and 3d work.

We have 1 lesson a week.

KS4 Summary (Year 9, 10 and 11)

Year 9

Students then have the opportunity to choose Art at GCSE at the end of year 8.

The projects in year 9 are a lot more workshop based. This helps to prepare the student for the GCSE style of working. Students are given the chance to perfect their basic art skills and they really get to know what they work well with. A very popular project in year 9 is based on Heroes. Portrait skills come in very useful for this project. Students will use a variety of materials and be expected to produce a final piece showing a number of these. The main techniques used in key stage 3 is tonal work, oil and chalk pastel, charcoal, water colour and acrylic paint, collage, relief, biro, various different forms of printing. Another very popular project is based on the Mexican festival ‘Day of the Dead’.

Course Structure

At GCSE we follow Edexcel’s fine art syllabus for the students who opt to continue their studies. This is where students fine tune everything that they have learnt since year 7. In year 10 we start with coursework which is worth 60% of the overall mark at GCSE. Two large projects are completed throughout year 10 and year 11 making up the coursework grade. In May of year 11, GCSE art students sit a 10 hour exam which makes up the remaining 40% of the mark. Students are expected to produce a sketchbook of preparation before the exam.

The two main projects are ‘The Beach’’ and ‘Popular Culture’. For ‘The Beach’ project, students are encouraged to take photographs and collect beach objects such as shells, rope, driftwood. They then produce study sheets full of observational drawings. For both projects, students are expected to look at an artist or art movement. In year 11 students get the chance to look at Pop Art and their idols for society today. Both projects finish with a personal response in whatever medium the student desires.

We have 2 lessons a week.


  • Tues= KS4 Art Club (3.15-4.15pm)
  • Thurs = KS3 Club (1.30-2.00pm)


Year 9

Students receive homework regularly to support the learning in class, students share homework photographs with the class and are encouraged to explain their work and the techniques they used as well as difficulties they came across.


Students are required to complete a minimum of 45minutes homework a week and enrich the learning in class. It may be in the form of research, taking photographs or annotating their work.


Department Staff

Mrs M Gilbert (Teacher of Art)

Mrs K Lamkin (Teacher of Art)


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Marwell Visit

49 Year 7s took a visit to Marwell zoo as part of the ‘Animals’ project. Students had the opportunity to observe and draw the animals around the zoo. In the education centre all 49 students took part in a workshop and explored the textures of different animals and met some snakes and other small animals. Students found this experience invalable and enjoyed developing their observational skills.

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