Design and Technology

Subject Areas

  • Food and Nutrition
  • Design and Technology

KS3 Summary (Year 7 and 8)

Topics Covered. In Years 7 and 8 students spend approximately 9 weeks in each subject strand learning core skills.

Topics covered in Year 7.
The Steady Hand Game project introduces electronics and using computers to programme and run machinery to manipulate materials.

The Healthy Eating project introduces kitchen skills and the essential nutritional and hygiene information.

The Happy Meal Burger project uses paper, board and Styrofoam to develop display items.

The Juggling Balls project uses machinery and hand skills to manipulate fabrics to make juggling balls.

Topics covered in Year 8. 
The Electronic Bug Alarm project develops skills attained in Year 7 and introduces programming electronic chips.

The Celebration Cakes project investigates of four main types of cake production.

The Dinosaur CAD CAM module investigates mechanisms and uses CNC routers and a laser cutter to produce working models.

The Bridge Building Challenge investigates forces and stresses and their impact on structures.

The Patchwork Cushions module investigates different cultures and uses the information to influence the product design.

KS4 Summary (Year 9, 10 and 11)

Course Descriptions

Students choose to study either Design and Technology or Food and Nutrition for their GCSE option at the end of Year 8 and follow this for the next three years.

The Design and Technology option is offered through a choice of three separate routes. All the areas investigate the impact of new and emerging technologies on people, culture, industry, enterprise and the environment. Students will study in the specialist areas of:

  • Resistant Materials, woods metals and plastics.
  • Graphics, paper and board.
  • Textiles, natural, synthetic and blended, fabrics.

The curriculum is currently under review but past topics covered in Year 9 include:  
Food and Nutrition –

  1. Nutrition, Hygiene and Healthy Eating
  2. Co-operative Create and Cook Competition
  3. Cultural Foods Project

Design and Technology Graphics -

  1. Desk tidy mini project
  2. Promotional Pack Project
  3. Easter Egg Packaging
  4. Portable board game

Design and Technology Resistant Materials –

  1. Monster Mouths Phone Holder
  2. Jewellery Box Project
  3. Metal balance ornaments
  4. Design style clocks
  5. Jewellery

Design and Technology Textiles –

  1. Nightwear garment
  2. Waistcoat construction
  3. Manufacturing in Batch
  4. Technical Folder

Topics covered in Year 10 include:

Food and Nutrition –

  1. Materials and Components
  2. Healthy Schools Ready Meal Project
  3. Layered Cake Dessert Project

Design and Technology Graphics –

  1. Pop-up book project
  2. Corporate Identity Project
  3. A look at printing processes

Design and Technology Resistant Materials -

  1. Music Industry Awards.
  2. MP3 Docking Station
  3. Child’s Moving Toys Project

Design and Technology Textiles- 

  1. knitting and felting structures
  2. Artist inspired corset construction
  3. Accessories.

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  • Weds = KS3 Food Club (3.15 – 5.00pm)
  • Thurs = KS4 support – All subject areas (3.15-4.15pm)

Department Staff

Mr S Mainstone (Head of Design and Technology, Teacher of Resistant Materials and Electronics)

Mrs K Saunders (Key Stage 3 Design and Technology Co-ordinator, Teacher of Catering, Food Technology and Resistant Materials)

Mrs C Hall (Teacher of Textiles and Food Technology)

Mr M Wheatley (Teacher of Graphics, Electronics and Resistant Materials)

Department Technicians
Mr J Goodall
Miss J Grimm



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