KS3 Summary (Year 7 and 8)

  • Topics Covered
    • Year 7
      • Our Island Home
      • How do we read maps?
      • Awesome Africa
      • Restless Earth
      • A river runs through it…
    • Year 8
      • Wild Weather
      • ‘Ice, Ice Baby’
      • Amazing Asia
      • Russia
      • Coastline of the Dinosaurs
  • Lessons/fortnight = 3

KS4 Summary (Year 9, 10 and 11)

  • Current course is the OCR B Syllabus. This involves 4 key themes:
    • Population & Settlement
    • Rivers and Coasts
    • Natural Hazards
    • Economic Development
  • 2 exams (Key Themes and Sustainable Decision Making) and 1 piece of controlled assessment based on fieldwork
  • Lessons/wk = 4/5
  • OCR Specification Link   
  • New course is Edexcel B Syllabus:
    • Global Geographical Themes – Hazardous Earth; Development Dynamics; Challenges of an Urbanising World
    • UK Geographical Issues – UK’s Evolving Physical Landscape; UK’s Evolving Human Landscape; Geographical Investigations
    • People and Environment Issues – Making Geographical Decisions
  • New syllabus includes 2 fieldtrips. Skills and techniques from this are examined in ‘Geographical Investigations’
  • Edexcel Specification Link


  • Wed = GCSE Revision / Controlled Assessment Catch-Up (3.15-4.15pm)


  • KS3 – a variety of tasks are set depending on the topic and the class – some are long-term project or ‘pick ‘n’ mix’.
  • KS4 – exam questions and revision are common tasks. All controlled assessment must be completed in school.

Department Staff

Miss E Pooler (Head of Humanities)

Mr P Wabe (Teacher of Humanities)

Miss E Clark (Teacher of Humanities)


Photo Gallery

Year 9 Global Development Day


Year 10 Controlled Assessment Data Collection Field trip
June 2016

4-Day Trip to Iceland
October 2015

Useful Links

BBC Bitesize
National Geographic

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Environmental Management
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