The Library is open every school day from 8.00 am until 3.30 pm. It is open to all students during Break or Lunch time. Students may also be sent to work or carry out research in the Library during lessons or come as part of a timetabled lesson.

The Library is fully networked. Every student is issued with a Library Number which carries on through their College life.

There are around 8400 books in the Library. These include fiction, non-fiction and reference books. There are books covering all curriculum areas at all levels and many books on hobbies and interests. New books are added frequently.

Various activities take place connected with reading, such as reviewing and recommending books, different genres and poetry.

For the last three years, Applemore College have hosted the Hampshire Book Award, where Year 8 students discuss and vote on selected books. This ultimately leads to meeting the winning author at the Guildhall, Winchester where the students have the opportunity to ask questions and have books signed, if they wish.

Students from all Years have the opportunity to take part in the Carnegie Award, which we shadow. This is a National Children’s Book Award. The last three years Applemore have taking part in the Wessex Literacy Festival where authors, storytellers and cartoonist talk to the students about their chosen career.

Applemore College also takes advantage of the Government scheme Bookbuzz. Each Year 7 student can choose a free book from a selection of 15 books, with the aim of encouraging them to enjoy reading.

Authors and Poets who have visited the Library 

Over the years we have had many visits from Authors, including:

Matthew West

Matthew is a local poet who hosts regular poetry workshops aimed at creating new audiences and encouraging community participation in the blossoming poetry scene in Southampton and was appointed as Southampton’s first Poet Laureate for Children in 2013. He worked with Able, Gifted and Talented students from Year 7, 8 and 9 in a two-hour poetry workshop to help expand and improve their poetry knowledge.

Anna Dale

Local Waterside author, Anna Dale, who spoke about her books ‘Whispering to Witches' and ‘Dawn Undercover'.  She also answered questions from students.  Anna Dale has since written ‘Spellbound' and ‘Magical Mischief'.

Judy Waite

Judy Waite came to speak about her books ‘Shopaholic', ‘Forbidden' and ‘A Trick of the Mind'.  She also ran a Creative Writing Workshop for students.

Dennis Hamley

Dennis Hamley has written numerous childrens' books.  When he visited Applemore, he spoke, in particular, about his book ‘Ellen's People' which was shortlisted for the Hampshire Book Award, which the students had read.

Curtis Jobling

Curtis Jobling is an author and illustrator based in the UK.  Working in publishing and animation he is possibly best known for his work on Bob the Builder and Wallace and Grommit and the writing of the highly successful fantasy Wereworld novels.

Craig Simpson

Craig Simpson is a local writer who specialises in World War II stories.

Andy Briggs

Andy Briggs is the very successful writer of the Tarzan books and has recently been involved with the latest Tarzan film.

Chris Bradford

Chris Bradford is the author of the popular Young Samurai and the Bodyguard series.  Bodyguard won the Hampshire Book Award 2014 and Applemore students will be attending the Guildhall at Winchester to see him presented with his award.

The Librarian

Mrs Kingdon is the College Librarian. 

The Library is on the first floor of the main building and is the focal point of the College.  Here students come to change library books, finish off homework and have access to computers to carry out research. Homework Club and Maths Club are also held in the Library.

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