Modern Foreign Languages

KS3 Summary (Year 7 and 8)

In Year 7 students study either French or Spanish and this becomes their main National Curriculum language.

French text book: Studio 1 Spanish text book : Mira 1

In Year 8 students continue with their National Curriculum language and also do a “taster” course in either Spanish or French.

KS4 Summary 

Year 9 (2016 onwards)

In Year 9 MFL is an optional subject. Students may choose to study French , Spanish or both languages. Students begin their three year MFL GCSE course in Year 9. There are four equally weighted assessments (listening, reading, speaking and writing) all of which will be examined at the end of Year 11.

Exam board  AQA


Text Books

  • French Studio GCSE (AQA)
  • Spanish Viva GCSE (AQA)

Year 10 (From September 2016)

Year 10 MFL students have completed their FCSE qualification in MFL and will be working towards AQA GCSE MFL French (8658) or Spanish (8698) and using text books Studio GCSE (AQA) French and Viva GCSE (AQA) Spanish.

There are four equally weighted assessments at the end of Year 11 (listening, reading, speaking and writing)

Year 11 (2016-2017 Only)

In Year 11 students follow the AQA GCSE course in languages which is currently examined through controlled assessment (speaking and writing) and terminal exams (listening and reading).

French text book Expo AQA Higher  
Spanish text book Mira Rojo AQA
(both these books and all support materials are available to all students and parents electronically through the Applemore College VLE).


For more information on the work of the Modern Languages Department please contact Mrs Collison at the college.


  • KS3 All students have a reinforcement homework booklet and receive written and/or learning homework weekly.
  • KS4 Students receive written and/or learning homework weekly – often linked with Controlled Assessment (Year 11 2016-2017 only).


  • Tuesday 145 – 215  Year 11 GCSE revision Spanish
  • Friday 145-215    Year 11 GCSE revision French
  • Thursday Week B – 145-215 China Club (open to all years)
  • Thursday  -330-430 – Year 11 China Club

Department Staff

Mrs E Collison (Head of MFL)

Mrs J Weller (MFL teacher)

Mrs L Clarke (MFL teacher)




Wednesday 15th February 2017 – Year 10 GCSE MFL day at Hounsdown School

Friday 7th July 2017 – Year 7 daytrip to Boulogne (France)

Monday 17th July to Thursday 20th July – Residential trip to Andalucia (Spain) Years 8-10

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