PDL Day - Mock wedding


On Wednesday 1st February year 11 had the opportunity to consider positive relationships. The day started with a Channel 4 documentary (that felt like a film) and ‘starred’ Maisie Williams – you may know her from ‘Game of Thrones’. In ‘real time’ she experienced the threats of a cyberbully. There were plenty of twists and a tense ending.  It was a realistic interpretation and, bearing in mind the news in the Netherlands, topical. Afterwards Year 11 discussed what ‘Maisie’ could have done and then prepared posters and advice for Applemore students, which will be shared with other students.

After break the students had the opportunity to listen to and question some couples about their relationships and how they had maintained positive relationships even under some considerable duress. The pupils were really interested and asked respectful, relevant and searching questions.

The finale was a Wedding. Chris Lund (one of our governors) officiated. There were rings, hymns, prayers and cake! Actually two cakes. The bride looked beautiful, the groom nervous; so quite like a conventional wedding! The focus of the day was to allow year 11 to consider, appreciate and engage with positive relationships at a time when they are aware that some of their friendships will be tested and stretched as they contemplate moving on to college or apprenticeships.

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