PDL Day - Kiva


For PDL day this term year 8 decided to help people by using a charity called KIVA. KIVA is different to other charities because instead of giving money to poor people, it lends the money. This means that you will almost always get paid back by the person in need, once they have got enough money to develop their business.

We helped Kiva people by putting on a charity fair, where the year 8s would create their own stalls for the year 7s to go to. These stalls included cake stalls, lucky dips and even a karaoke stall! Another popular stall was the make-up stall, which a lot of boys went to!

In the morning, we first had an assembly about Kiva, explaining what it was and who it was helping. Then we went back to our tutors and decided who we were going to help. Our tutor group decided to help a man and a woman, one who wanted a clean water system for their school, and another who needed a proper grill for their business. We were helping many poor countries like Uganda and Rwanda. By lending $25 at a time, we were helping, along with many other people, to create better lives for unfortunate families.

Afterwards, we started to design our posters for the fair. They had to look good and eye-catching or otherwise no-one would come to our stall! We had a small break and started to set up our stalls.

My stall was a cake stall, which was very popular, with almost all of the cakes demolished by the end. The hall was full of chatter and had a great ambience when the fair got going. The year 7s were having lots of fun, and we were full of spirit, knowing that we were helping unfortunate people whilst having a good time.

The fair finished and we packed up the hall. It was very messy! We are yet to find out exactly how much money we raised, but we are hopeful that we have raised lots.

Written by Charlotte Cole 8ECN

From our tutor group we chose Parigul and Gladys. Parigul needs some money for treatment as she has fallen ill and Gladys needs to buy towels and bed sheets to sell. If you too would like to loan some money to those who are desperate, then simply log on to the KIVA website and submit your money to someone in need.

Written by Holly Mitchell & Grace Morgan 8MWY


Year 8 Applemore College Charity Day – raising money for KIVA which lends money to poorer businesses and not so lucky people.

      “It was amazing” Mr Benson

      “It was fantastic” Will Goodson

“So fun and it all goes to charity”  Josh Banfield

There were loads of stalls which raised loads of money. The most popular stall was Will and Baileys, it was a sponge throw, they both got soaked. 

Written by Josh & Sam Banfield

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