Students at Applemore College have been involved in an exciting project run in partnership with Southampton University and Southampton Hospital. Ninety students form Year 7 were taken out of school over three days to attend the Lifelab based in Southampton Hospital.

Students have been learning about healthy lifestyles and factors that affect health in school. At the Lifelab, a genuine research lab based in the heart of the hospital, students were able to learn through practical activities how lifestyle choices can directly affect them. Students were able to use a scanner to see their own blood vessels and veins transporting blood, as well as calculate their BMI, take their own blood pressure and gain data on their aerobic lung capacity.

The second part of the day enabled students to take some of their own saliva and extract their DNA from it. They were then able to use other samples of DNA to analyse how genetics affect offspring.

It was great to see students sharing in their learning and gaining an understanding of how lifestyle choices made now can affect them in adult life.

The students will be continuing their work back at school after the Easter break when they will be designing and completing their own investigation.



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