PDL or personal development learning at Applemore includes:

  • personal, social and health education (PSHE)
  • citizenship
  • british values
  • rights, respect and responsibilities
  • social and emotional aspects of learning
  • sex and relationship education
  • careers education
  • work related learning
  • drugs, alcohol and tobacco education
  • enterprise education
  • financial capability
  • safety education
  • education for sustainable development
  • functional skills

The PDL curriculum at Applemore is delivered across all subjects, but also through:

Morning registration activities - including assembly, thought for the day, literacy and numeracy tasks, personal skills and PDL lessons.

Assemblies – each year group has an assembly once a week, sometimes taken by staff and sometimes by the students themselves. The theme of the assembly is linked to the theme for the week and the thought for the day.

Theme for the week - each week of the school year has a different theme (e.g. new beginnings, stand up and be counted, another man’s shoes, lend a helping hand). For each theme there are a number of thoughts for the day (e.g. you can’t shake hands with a clenched fist)

Morning registration activities- include assembly, thought for the day, learning diaries, literacy and numeracy games and PDL work towards Asdan Bronze and Silver awards.

Theme days- these are held 5 times a year (once every half term for the first five half terms). Themes for these days include keeping safe, preparing for exams, charity enterprise, team building and leadership, global development, aspirations and preparing for the future, re-cycling and sustainability and multi-cultural awareness.

School visits- there are numerous visits that take place throughout the year. One of the first involves Year 7, on their first PDL day at the end of September, visiting Ferny Crofts Outdoor Activities Centre where they learn about team work and leadership skills as they tackle the high ropes and assault courses. Year 10 spend a day visiting local 6th From Colleges to get a taste of what life there is like.

Residential visits - a lot of personal development learning takes place on the ski trip, the Ardeche water sports trip and the annual trips to Spain and France and Iceland to name but a few.

Work experience - is offered to all Year 10 students in the summer term. It would be helpful if as many as possible could find their own placement (and we will do the required health and safety checks) as we are still developing our database of work experience employers. If you could offer a work placement to one or more of our students please do not hesitate to get in touch with us, we would love to hear from you.

Extra- curricular activities – these range from art exhibitions to talent shows, fashion shows, discos, ski and snow boarding clubs, the list is endless…

Enrichment week – takes place during the last week of the summer term and gives our students the opportunity to try new and different activities. We would like to try and incorporate more community based projects this year (e.g. tidying up an area of the local community rather than just our own) so if have any projects that we could help with please get in touch.