Philosophy & Ethics

KS3 Summary (Year 7 and 8)

Topics Covered

  • Year 7
    • The Search for Truth
    • The Island
    • Jesus Christ, Superstar
    • Who are the Jews?
    • Can religion save the world?
  • Year 8
    • What is the meaning of life? (Buddhism)
    • The Holocaust
    • Struggle & Justice: Islam

Lessons/wk = 2

KS4 Summary (Year 9, 10 and 11)

  • Current course is the OCR B Syllabus. This involves 4 papers: Philosophy 1, Philosophy 2, Ethics 1 and Ethics 2
  • Current Years 10 and 11 take the full course – all 4 papers; Current Year 9 take the short course – just Ethics
  • Each exam is 1 hour long
  • Lessons/fortnight = 3
  • OCR Specification Link 


  • Tues = GCSE Revision (3.15-4.15pm)


  • KS3 –a variety of tasks are set depending on the topic and the class – some are long-term project or ‘pick ‘n’ mix’.
  • KS4 – exam questions and revision are common tasks. 

Department Staff

Miss E Pooler (Head of Humanities)

Miss H Keens (Second in Humanities)

Mr P Wabe (Teacher of Humanities)

Miss P Smith (Teacher of Humanities)

Miss E Clark (Teacher of Humanities)

Mrs J Buttle (Curriculum Support Assistant for Humanities)


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Year 9 Global Development Day


UKMT Junior Maths Challenge
UKMT Intermediate Maths Challenge
Hounsdown Year 9 Maths Challenge

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