KS4 Summary (Year 9, 10 and 11)

Students have the opportunity to choose Photography at GCSE at the end of year 8.

Year 9

Students prepare themselves in year 9 by doing a series of short projects which covers all the skills they will need for GCSE. The short projects include an introduction to Photography looking at all the formal elements experimenting with light painting, silhouettes, light paper and textures. They complete a project based on the alphabet which encourages students to be creative with photography and use Photoshop to develop editing skills. In the popular street photography project students learn about scale and composition and develop editing skills and gain confidence using the digital camera.

Course Structure

At GCSE we follow Edexcel’s Lens and Light based media syllabus for the students who opt to continue their studies. This is where students fine tune everything that they have learnt since year 9. In year 10 we start with coursework which is worth 60% of the overall mark at GCSE. Two large projects are completed throughout year 10 and year 11 making up the coursework grade. In May of year 11, GCSE Photography students sit a 10 hour exam which makes up the remaining 40% of the mark. Students are expected to produce a preparation book or digital format of preparation before the exam.

The two main projects are ‘Distorted portraits and ‘Viewpoints. For ‘Distorted portraits project, students are introduced to studio photography and learn how to plan a photoshoot. They then research artsits and photographers to respond to creatively looking at colour and composition.In year 11 students get the chance to look explore landscapes and cityscapes with visits to the local new forest area. Both projects finish with a personal response.


Thurs= KS4 Photography Club (3.15-4.15pm)


Department Staff

Mrs K Lamkin (Teacher of Art and Photography)

Mr M Wheatley (Photography teacher)


Photo Gallery



Lyndhurst Visit Year 11 visit

As part of the project ‘Viewpoints’ 15 students explored the local Lyndhurst area, students had fun exploring and taking photographs of the landscape as well as practiscing with the new telescopic and macro lenses.

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