Who is Who at Applemore College ?

All our staff are involved in and committed to providing education and support for SEND students. If you are concerned about your child please contact one of the staff listed below:

Progress Leaders:

Year 7- Mrs K Lamkin

Year 8 – Mrs D Hindle

Year 9 – Mrs C Hall / Mrs K Cawley

Year 10 – Mr P Greet

Year 11 – Mrs J Plummer

Assistant Headteacher / SENCo – Mr R Poole

Assistant Headteacher – Pastoral – Ms C Eskriett

In addition to your child’s teachers we have a Support for Learning team with specialist experience in differing aspects of SEN as well as responsibilities to ensure your child receives excellent support for their learning:

Staff Name


Mrs J Buttle

Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Mrs W Chantler

Inclusion Manager

Ms N Dossitt

Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Mrs S Goodall

Literacy Co-ordinator / Teacher – Level 5 SPLD teacher

Ms C Greenwood

Higher Level Teaching Assistant (pending)

Ms S Harris

Intervention Co-ordinator

Ms K Lancaster

Inclusion Support

Ms S Page

Learning Support Assistant / Intervention / ELSA

Ms S Powell

Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Mrs J Sharpe

Higher Level Teaching Assistant / Intervention / ELSA

Mrs R Williams

Lead Teacher – Dyslexia Support Base – Level 5 SPLD teacher

The Assistant Headteacher/SENCo will assign members of the Support for Learning team as Key Adult Support to individuals in need of Wave 2/3 support.